The Thin Blue Line
The thin blue line police sticker

What is the blue line

The Thin Blue Line


The Thin Blue Line

     What is it and what dose it stand for? The black stands for all the officers whom gave their lives, the officers who gave the ultimate, the ones we will not forget.The blue stands for all officers currently serving together.

An officer is an officer no matter what agency they work for. From the big city to the small rural commuinties we are all police, we are all involved in the same battle, Good vs. Evil.

     Show your support for each other by proudly displaying the Thin Blue Line tm. When you see others with the it on the car, truck, boat, rv, on a shirt or a hat, introduce your self, make new contacts, we are the blue line.

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The Thin Blue Line

Is a grass roots group of police officers who promote the brother and sisterhood of the law enforcement community in America. Join us today, it costs nothing to become a member see the sign up box on the front page.


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